Electronic Components Insertion Machine Tender

Tend machines that insert components into holes of printed circuit boards.

What does an Electronic Components Insertion Machine Tender do?

Tends computer-controlled machine that automatically inserts electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, and integrated circuits, into holes of printed circuit boards: Inserts specified program tape into machine or types commands on keyboard to enter program that directs machine to insert components in specified sequence and location on PCB’s. Positions paper tape reels or plastic tubes containing components into feeding mechanism to load machine. Positions PCB’s on machine bed holding fixtures, starts machine, and monitors machine operation. Removes assembled PCB’s from machine bed and inspects PCB’s for defects, such as missing components or incomplete insertion. Stops machine and notifies supervisor or maintenance mechanic of machine malfunctions. Records production information such as production levels, machine downtime, and defects. May make minor machine adjustments and clear machine jams. May manually insert missing components or route defective boards to repair department. May tend semiautomatic or manually controlled machines and position PCB’s or components on board by hand.