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Electromechanical Engineering Technologist



Turn designs for electromechanical equipment into actual machines.

What does an Electromechanical Engineering Technologist do?

Electromechanical Engineering Technologists are paid to assist the Electromechanical Engineers who design robots, photocopiers, elevators, vending machines, guided missile systems, and other electromechanical machines. What do these machines have in common? Besides being really cool pieces of equipment that do really neat things, they all use electricity and/or computers to operate mechanical controls.

As an Electromechanical Engineering Technologist, you’re employed by manufacturing companies, engineering firms, and industrial research labs, among others. You oversee a team of Electromechanical Engineering Technicians charged with executing the ideas and designs of Electromechanical Engineers, who are basically a cross between Electrical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers. In other words, when it comes to designing electromechanical equipment, the Engineer is the brain and the Engineering Technicians are the hands. You, meanwhile, are the nervous system that connects the two.

To that end, your job as an Electromechanical Engineering Technologist is managing people as well as technology. On the people side, you supervise and delegate work to Electromechanical Engineering Technicians, and consult with Machinists on electromechanical design specifications. On the technology side, you produce drawings using computer-aided design (CAD) software, and test electromechanical circuits, equipment, processes, systems, and subsystems. Additionally, you select materials, components, and systems for use in manufacturing, and fabricate and assemble electromechanical components – all the while designing and implementing quality-control measures to make sure everything comes out the way it’s supposed to.

Simply put: Whether it’s a fax machine or a high-tech satellite system, your job as an Electromechanical Engineering Technologist is using your dual knowledge of electricity and mechanics to help design, develop, test, and manufacture it.

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