Electrolysis and Corrosion Control Engineer

Investigate causes and devise means to combat or eliminate electrolysis.

What does an Electrolysis and Corrosion Control Engineer do?

Investigates causes and devises means to combat or eliminate electrolysis of water, gas, and oil mains and pipelines resulting from stray electric currents flowing in earth: Determines existence and locates sources of stray electric currents creating electrolytic conditions, using voltmeters, ammeters, and other electrical testing apparatus. Recommends preventive and corrective measures for protection of pipe and underground structures, such as use of insulating and corrosion resisting materials. Confers with power company personnel and power consumers and suggests methods to eliminate sources of power leakage. Studies destructive properties of soil, corrosive actions, and other problems of deterioration, and suggests methods of preventing or mitigating trouble. Writes reports of studies and investigations conducted. May design and direct installation of cathodic protection stations to minimize and control electrolysis. May design and construct apparatus for use in testing materials or determining location of stray electric currents.