Destroy unwanted hair through electrolysis.

What does an Electrologist do?

An Electrologist is an Aesthetician who permanently removes unwanted hair from customers’ faces and bodies, typically for cosmetic reasons. Although they’re perfectly natural, the truth is: Stray whiskers on your face or body are like stray weeds in your garden. Unwanted, unwelcome, unruly, and unrelenting, they grow persistently and nag perturbingly, threatening to take over your entire consciousness or crop, whichever the case may be.

Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of unwanted hair with weed killer. Instead, you’ll need electrolysis — and an Electrologist to administer it. As an Electrologist, you most often focus on the upper lip and chin for women, and on the back, shoulders, and between the eyebrows for men. Practically anywhere there’s hair, however — ears, arms, stomach, chest, legs, knuckles, etc. — you can zap it.

In fact, “zap” is the most appropriate verb for what you do, as your signature method of hair removal is with an electric current that kills the hair when it’s administered, generally with a fine needle that’s inserted into the hair follicle. The process is simple and straightforward: First, you consult with the customer, then sterilize the treatment area. Next, you insert the needle into the hair follicle, and calibrate the electrolysis machine to administer the appropriate current for the correct length of time. You then activate the electric current, remove the hair with tweezers, and repeat the process several times across several weeks until the hair’s eradicated.

Although it sounds like torture, in all reality, the treatment doesn’t hurt. In fact, it only tingles. For the scruffy-turned-smooth, therefore, you’re not a sadist. You’re a saint!