Electrogalvanizing Machine Operator

Set up and operate machines to coat steel strips or wires with zinc.

What does an Electrogalvanizing Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates continuous multistrand electrogalvanizing and heat-treating machine to coat steel strip or wire with zinc, according to written specifications: Mixes chemical solutions, using formulas. Fills cleaning, pickling, galvanizing, and waxing tanks. Charges furnace with gas or coal to prepare for galvanizing process. Inserts wire reels and feeds wire into machine. Moves controls on rheostats and generators to regulate movement of wire strand between reels, plating tanks, and coils, to obtain specified thickness of coating. Adjusts controls to regulate temperature of leadpot, cleaners, picklers, and plating tanks. Performs chemical solution tests, such as titration tests, wire hardness tests, dip coating tests, and welding tests, to determine conformance to specifications. Readjusts controls based on findings. Records test results. Examines coating, washing, and alignment of wire strands visually and using micrometers to compare finished strands with specifications. Resets and changes combs when changing width and number of strands. Replaces anodes and recharges leadpot at specified intervals.