Electro-mechanical Engineering Technician

Help solve design flaws in products that need electricity to operate.

What does an Electro-mechanical Engineering Technician do?

An Electro-mechanical Engineering Technician helps Scientists and Engineers design machines that run on electricity. You see, just as most people need a jolt of some sort—a cold splash of water, a loud alarm clock, or a strong cup of coffee—to get their motor running, machines need juice, too. Not orange juice, but electricity, freshly squeezed courtesy of an Electro-mechanical Engineering Technician.

As an Electro-mechanical Engineering Technician, you might work on computer printers, vending machines, photocopiers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, or even things as sophisticated as guided missile systems for national defense. Anything, really, so long as it has electric-powered mechanical parts. Whatever the product, it’s your job as to assist the Electro-Mechanical Engineers who design it. They’re the brains behind the design. You, on the other hand, are the brawn.

While the Engineers come up with the product’s overall concepts and designs, therefore, you generally solve the task-specific problems of actually creating it. For instance, you research design options and devise manufacturing solutions. Next, you build prototypes, fabricate parts, then assemble electrical and mechanical components. Finally, you test product performance as part of the quality-control process.

Thanks to your expertise with all things “electro-mechanical,” you’re bound to be in high demand in the future—especially if that future looks anything like “The Jetsons,” with a world populated by robots that cook, clean, and drive (all designed, developed, and built by the likes of you!).