Electro-Mechanical Drafter

Create digital designs of the components used in electronic products.

What does an Electro-Mechanical Drafter do?

Drafting is a skill that requires technical knowledge coupled with artistic finesse. It also entails finely tuned attention to detail and an understanding of design software products. As an Electro-Mechanical Drafter, you take those skills a step further to include familiarity with both mechanical and electronic processes.

As an Electro-Mechanical Drafter, you also work hand in hand with Engineers, who create the initial designs, specifications, and directions. By listening, asking questions, and reviewing data, you acquire an understanding of the project. Then you head to your computer.

While you do most of your work using computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) programs, you’re more than a button pusher. You have a strong understanding of the principles of design, and are comfortable explaining your work to clients and Engineers alike.

Common projects require both mechanical and electronic components. Computers, calculators, televisions, appliances, and cars are all examples. Because your design will be used in the manufacturing process, you take special care to ensure accuracy, and frequently consult with the Engineer. If you identify changes, you make the adjustments in the CADD program and save the results.

When your job as Electro-Mechanical Drafter is finished, you hold in your hands a visual diagram of the work to be completed. It includes precise instructions, schematics, measurements, spacing requirements, material types, and other technical details. Following approval, your draft becomes the reference guide posted at each station within the manufacturing facility.