Electrifier Operator

Tend machines equipped with heated, fluted rollers.

What does an Electrifier Operator do?

Tends machine equipped with heated, fluted roller that separates, polishes, and raises or flattens pile of plush fabrics: Positions truck of cloth at entry end of machine and sews cloth from truck to leader in machine, using portable sewing machine. Turns knob on thermostat to set temperature of cylinder according to specifications. Starts machine and moves lever to set pressure on hydraulic apron that presses cloth against cylinder to raise or flatten pile as specified. Straightens cloth to remove wrinkles before cloth passes between apron and cylinder. Compares finished cloth with standard swatch, and notifies supervisor if cloth varies from standard. Hangs cloth in loops on racks at delivery end of machine to prevent crushing of pile or doffs rolls of fabric when pile has been flattened. Ravels seams to separate cloth pieces. May tend mangle in tandem with machine to apply finish to cloth [MANGLE TENDER].