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Install and repair electronics and wiring of all sizes and voltages.

Salary Range

$40,320 - $71,430

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does an Electrician do?

Once upon a time, all that people needed to survive was food, water, and shelter. Then we discovered computers, iPhones, and espresso machines which means that we now need electricity too. That means electricians, who install and repair electrical systems, will always have something to do.

As an electrician you have two jobs. The first is installing new electrical systems. Whether it’s a house, hospital, or office tower, you’re hired to install circuit boards, power outlets, and load centers in new buildings, and to run electrical wiring inside them so the building tenants have power. Once the system’s installed, you also assist with the installation and wiring of telephone lines, Internet connections, and security systems, as well as lights, ceiling fans, and speakers.

Your second job is electrical upkeep and repair. This requires many of the same tasks as new construction but with more problem-solving skills since you must diagnose and repair problems within existing—and often aging—electrical systems.

Both jobs require special tools as well as the ability to read blueprints. What’s more, both jobs require thorough knowledge of local, state, and national building codes. After all, electricity is extremely dangerous, and safety—yours and building occupants’—is always your number one priority.

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