Electrician Helper

Assist Electrician.

What does an Electrician Helper do?

Assists ELECTRICIAN 824.261-010 or ELECTRICIAN, MAINTENANCE 829.261-018 to install and repair electrical wiring, fixtures, and equipment, performing any combination of following tasks: Gathers tools and supplies to be used at work site, according to instructions. Measures, cuts, and bends wire and conduit, using ruler and handtools. Drills holes for wiring, using power drill, and pulls or pushes wiring through opening. Traces out short circuits in wiring, using knowledge of wiring and test meter. Assists in lifting, positioning, and fastening objects, such as wiring, conduit, and motors. Performs minor repairs, such as replacing fuses, light sockets, bulbs, and switches, using handtools. Maintains tools and equipment and keeps supplies and parts in order. Disassembles defective electrical equipment, replaces defective or worn parts, and reassembles equipment, using handtools. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.