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Electrical Test Engineer



Plan, create and supervise the testing of new electrical designs.

What does an Electrical Test Engineer do?

Flawless circuit boards and quality electrical motors come from Electrical Test Engineers who plan, design, and oversee the testing phase of new products. From a microprocessor to a laser, the Electrical Test Engineer pokes and prods every part of a new invention to ensure that it functions properly without bursting into flames. As an Electrical Test Engineer, you’re in charge of safety regulations and quality assurance all at once.

Before you can test an object, you need to know what it does. You review its specifications and interview the Electrical Engineers who designed the product. If it needs to function within a certain range of voltage, for example, that goes onto your list of things to check.

Once you know what to test, you engage your creative side to design the tests themselves. It could be as simple as running different currents through a circuit to see if they work, or as complex as putting a motor under different stress tests to see when it breaks.

Days are spent in the office designing tests or in the lab overseeing them. You lead the Electrical Engineering Technicians who run most of the tests.

Once the testing process is complete, it’s time to document the results. Without clear documentation, your products wouldn’t pass a safety inspection. Once you give a product the thumbs up, it’s ready to hit the market.

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