Electrical Lineman

Install and maintain power lines from high in your lift.

What does an Electrical Lineman do?

An Electrical Lineman installs power lines and connect homes and businesses to the power grid. Almost all of the work is done outside, either high up on utility poles or with wiring and electrical systems embedded underneath the ground. Typical duties as an Electrical Lineman include: routine maintenance, repair of electrical subsystems and other components, and wire design and layout.

If you’re interested in the job of Electrical Lineman, it’s important to know that there are unique physical demands, one of which is working at very high elevations. In this role, you’ll ascend high above the street in what is called a bucket truck, where you will use tools like pliers, cutters, and drills to manipulate wires. Some tasks will also require you to climb ladders to reach points on utility poles. Being unafraid of heights is essential, as is a strong upper body.

Because you work with high-voltage power lines, safety is your number one priority, so you’ll get lots of training concerning safety procedures before you begin. On the job, you’re required to wear heavy gloves to protect you if you’re accidentally zapped. Your gear will also include harnesses and belts if you’re working on suspended power lines. This equipment will catch you in case of a fall.

You should also expect to work in rough weather conditions sometimes. Power doesn’t always go out in ideal circumstances, and heavy rain and wind often cause the most serious interruptions. When the call comes in, you must always be ready to shimmy up the electric pole and help get people reconnected no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.