Electrical Inspector

Check electrical systems for safety.

What does an Electrical Inspector do?

The modern world runs on electricity. Public buildings, shopping malls, movie theaters, banks, schools, outdoor park facilities, and residential neighborhoods all rely on that juice to run appliances, flip on the heat, cool the air, and power the lighting and electrical outlets.

But, electricity can also be dangerous. It has the potential to electrocute and also start fires. So you’re on the job as an Electrical Inspector to make sure that doesn’t happen.

As an Electrical Inspector, you work with new construction, remodels, and existing electrical systems in commercial and residential buildings. Working from blueprints, you verify that the wires and junctions are all in the proper place. As an Electrical Inspector, you look for things that the rest of us would never notice, such as the location of outlets, making sure there aren’t too many outlets and lights on the same circuit breaker, and there’s a ground fault protection system on kitchen and bathroom circuits.

In addition to the layout, you also make sure that there are no frayed wires, loose connections, or defects. You also ensure no circuits are overloaded and every part meets building code requirements. Your inspections take place during the construction process so that Contractors and owners can make changes. If they refuse to do so, you implement fines and even halt construction if necessary.

Thanks to you, owners can sleep well knowing that you’ve crawled through the attic, shimmied under the house, and personally inspected each electric component in the building.