Electrical Helper

Assist electrical workers in performing their duties.

What does an Electrical Helper do?

Assists electrical workers in installation, maintenance, and repair of electric-power generation and distribution equipment, underground cables, and related facilities, performing any combination of following tasks: Places barricades around open manholes and excavations, and below crewmembers working overhead to protect workers and public from injury. Digs trenches, places shoring, and lowers tools and materials to workers in excavations and vaults. Positions reels of electric cable along side trench or manhole, and guides cable as it is pulled into ducts to prevent damage to lead sheath. Breaks up concrete to facilitate installation or repair of equipment, using airhammer. Rigs scaffolds and hoists, and helps move heavy machine parts to assist in assembly and repair of generators, converters, switchgear, and related equipment at generating station or substation, as directed. May drive truck. May trim trees and clear undergrowth along right-of-way. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title. May be designated according to worker assisted as Cable Installer-Repairer Helper; Duct-Layer Helper; Electrician Helper, Powerhouse; Electric-Meter-Installer Helper; Wirer Helper.