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Electrical Estimator

Compute costs for the electrical part of a construction project.

What does an Electrical Estimator do?

Creating a budget is a significant part of any construction project. When a company presents a bid for a job, that’s the total amount the customer expects to pay, so it had better be accurate.

To ensure an all-inclusive proposal, construction companies often rely on a variety of experts across the industry, such as Architects, Engineers, and Contractors. Another key contributor to the accuracy of the construction bid is the Electrical Estimator. This is the person who estimates the total needs, supplies, and costs of the electrical portion of the project.

As an Electrical Estimator, you have an understanding of electrical systems, building codes, people management, supply costs, and a host of other topics. That’s because you have a holistic view of the project.

Your contribution as an Electrical Estimator starts as you work closely with the Architects on the job. With a blueprint in hand, an understanding of the use for the building, and a list of needed supplies, you use computer software to estimate the total cost of supplies and labor for the project. You also calculate the amount of electricity the project will require. For example, a grocery store will have very different electricity needs from a 900-square-foot home.

Because you’re so knowledgeable on the topic, you might also be in charge of training or supervising other staff. You might even choose the subcontractors who will perform the work. This is a job that puts your computer, communication, interpersonal, and calculation skills to the test.