Electrical Engineering Technologist

Help test prototypes of products that use electricity.

What does an Electrical Engineering Technologist do?

Electrical Engineers work in a broad range of jobs. They might create greener energy as a Wind Turbine Engineer, or design circuitry systems for global positioning systems (GPS). Big or small, whatever the Engineer works on requires planning, testing, and maintenance. For these tasks, they rely on Electrical Engineering Technologists.

As an Electrical Engineering Technologist, you’re a student of engineering, not only because you’ve studied the subject extensively, but also because you have an unwavering interest in how things work. What connects that streetlight outside your house to its power source? How does a remote-controlled plane fly? These questions constantly drive you towards answers in your role as an Electrical Engineering Technologist.

Your position gives you ample opportunity to answer these questions and myriad others because you work side by side with the top Engineers in the field. In fact, they get credit for much of what you do. While they may come up with the initial product design, they often rely on you to carry out the prototype assembly based on their schematics.

Once the prototype is put together, you’re charged with testing it and making careful observations about its performance. Of course, you don’t always work at the research and development phase of a project. You might also maintain existing products or repair broken electrical systems or components.