Electrical Engineering Technician

Help Electrical Engineers to make projects run smoothly and quickly.

What does an Electrical Engineering Technician do?

Electrical Engineering Technicians are the heavy lifters of the electrical engineering world. In this position, you’re trained to operate engineering equipment, and help Engineers both in the laboratory and the field conduct experiments and gather data to solve the problems they’re working on. This makes you a problem solver and task finisher.

Without Electrical Engineering Technicians, Electrical Engineers would not be able to work as quickly or efficiently: They depend on you to execute projects, and call upon your deep well of hands-on knowledge to shed light on complex issues.

Engineers in all disciplines work in teams, and you’re an important support member of those teams. In fact, being a Technician is very similar to being a true Engineer, and can often serve as a stepping stone towards become a full Engineer down the line. However, if you prefer more hands-on, direct work instead of a lot of theory, then the Technician role might be perfect for you.

Electrical Engineering Technicians work in a variety of settings, from comfortable offices and laboratories to more dangerous manufacturing and industrial areas, even going out into the field to do live experiments or collect data. Wherever you work, though, you help make the world of electrical engineering a functional, efficient, and prosperous field.