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Electrical Assembler



Route, wire, assemble and install components in aircraft and missile units.

What does an Electrical Assembler do?

Routes, wires, assembles, and installs electrical and electronic components in aircraft and missile units, such as main junction and terminal boxes, main control switch panels, and instrument and radio panels, according to specifications, using jig boards, handtools, and equipment: Reads work orders, blueprints, and specifications to determine established assembly methods. Cuts wire to specified lengths, using wire cutters. Cuts plastic sleeves and slips sleeves over wire ends to insulate connections. Crimps terminal eyelets and lugs to wire ends, using hand or machine crimping device. Routes, combs, twists, wraps, ties, and attaches wire to terminal points, according to jig board layout, using soldering gun and handtools. Connects wiring to accessories, such as relays, circuit breakers, plugs, condensers, switches, and solenoids, and installs accessory assemblies in electrical or electronic units, using soldering gun and handtools. Conducts functional and continuity tests of electrical assemblies, components, wire harness, and plugs, using ohmmeter, test lights, and other electrical testing instruments. Pots or encapsulates electrical and electronic details [ENCAPSULATOR 726.687-022]. May attach eyelets, terminals, and mounting studs to etched circuit boards.

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