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Electrical Appliance Servicer

Install, service, repair, and test appliances.

What does an Electrical Appliance Servicer do?

Installs, services, and repairs stoves, refrigerators, dishwashing machines, and other electrical household or commercial appliances, using handtools, test equipment, and following wiring diagrams and manufacturer’s specifications: Connects appliance to power source and test meters, such as wattmeter, ammeter, or voltmeter. Observes readings on meters and graphic recorders. Examines appliance during operating cycle to detect excess vibration, overheating, fluid leaks, and loose parts. Disassembles appliance and examines mechanical and electrical parts. Traces electrical circuits, following diagram, and locates shorts and grounds, using ohmmeter. Calibrates timers, thermostats, and adjusts contact points. Cleans and washes parts, using wire brush, buffer, and solvent, to remove carbon, grease, and dust. Replaces worn or defective parts, such as switches, pumps, bearings, transmissions, belts, gears, blowers, and defective wiring. Repairs and adjusts appliance motors. Reassembles appliance, adjusts pulleys, and lubricates moving parts, using handtools and lubricating equipment. May be known according to appliance repaired as Clothes-Drier Repairer; Coffee-Maker Servicer; Dishwashing-Machine Repairer; Electric-Range Servicer; Electric-Refrigerator Servicer; Washing-Machine Servicer.