Electrical and Radio Mock-Up Mechanic

Lay out, fabricate, and assemble jig boards, wiring templates, and panels.

What does an Electrical and Radio Mock-Up Mechanic do?

Lays out, fabricates, and assembles jig boards, wiring templates, and master panels used as production patterns for manufacturing control panels and wiring assemblies for aircraft and space vehicles, using handtools, power tools, precision measuring instruments, and shop equipment: Reads blueprints, assembly drawings, and schematics to determine arrangement and relationship of parts and equipment, reference and location points, dimensional specifications, and circuitry routings. Measures and marks location in mockup for installation of control panels, wiring, junction boxes, switches, and related items. Plans, routes, attaches, and ties wires between designated locations in mockup to form prototype wire harness. Transfers pattern of prototype harness to blank jig board and attaches terminal pins, guide pins, clamps, and holding devices to jig board, using handtools and power tools. Assembles sample wire harness, using jig board, and tests continuity of circuits, using voltmeter, ammeter, and other test equipment. Lays out and fabricates prototype panel boards, using precision measuring instruments, such as square, straightedge, scale, protractor, and scriber, and shop equipment, such as saw and drill press. Fits wire harness assembly and panel board in mockup to verify accuracy of layout and modifies layouts as required. Fabricates wiring template used to locate wire harnesses, terminal connections, and related parts and equipment on control panel assembly, using shop equipment. Installs instruments, terminal outlets, switches, junction boxes, and wire harnesses on sample control panel. Tests continuity and functional performance of control panel assembly, using test equipment, to verify conformance of jig board, master panel, and wiring template layouts to specifications.