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Electric Power Superintendent

Direct operations concerning production and distribution of electricity.

What does an Electric Power Superintendent do?

Plans and directs activities of major division, district, plant, or department of utility company, or directs particular phase of operation, concerned with production and distribution of electrical power: Interprets company policies and methods and develops specific operating procedures. Delegates functional activities to workers and establishes supervisory schedules to define authority for independent decisions imperative to continuous service to public and safety of workers. Recruits, trains, and supervises workers directly or through subordinate supervisors. Investigates, evaluates, and determines best application of new developments in electric power industry, and devises other means of securing maximum efficiency of personnel and equipment within his jurisdiction. Anticipates and forecasts power consumption and economic trends, prepares budget recommendations, and makes related decisions in order to keep facilities and system operation concurrent with economic changes. Cooperates with other SUPERINTENDENTS, ELECTRIC POWER in solving interrelated administrative, organizational, and technical problems. Directs maintenance of property records and upkeep of equipment and structures. Is usually required to possess an electrical or mechanical engineering background, extensive familiarity with electric power systems, and experience directly related to particular phase of electrical activity superintended.