Electric Power Line Examiner

Patrol overhead electric power lines and report defective equipment.

What does an Electric Power Line Examiner do?

Patrols overhead electric power lines and reports damaged or defective power line equipment and facilities: Patrols on foot, by automobile, boat, or other means of transportation to detect unsafe or defective power lines. Taps poles with hammer to detect rot or splits caused by weather conditions. Pulls guy wires and anchors to detect slack or looseness. Observes crossarms, insulators, transformers, switches, pole hardware, and overhead conductors, using binoculars, to detect evidence of deterioration, storm damage, and vandalism. Writes periodic report of observations. Climbs poles to examine equipment not observable from ground and makes minor repairs, such as tightening loose guy wires. Notifies trouble dispatching personnel by telephone or radio of necessary major repairs. May open and close switches as directed by supervisory personnel.