Electric Motor Winder

Specialize in repairing parts with internal coils like car brakes.

What does an Electric Motor Winder do?

Just like spinning tops, certain kinds of electric motors need to be wound periodically so they can keep going. As an Electric Motor Winder, you’re the Technician for the job.

Though the title “Winder” might sound confusing, you’re essentially a Technician for specific electric motor parts. Electric Motor Winders have a lot of the same general duties as, say, an Electronics Technician or a Traffic Technician. Just like them, you need to be good with mechanics, have lots of patience when dealing with broken parts, and have nimble fingers to fix tiny parts.

As an Electric Motor Winder, your job starts when a customer comes to you with an electric motor that just won’t start. The motors you deal with cover a wide range, powering anything from a car part to something bigger, like a generator. You might even be called out to work on a machine on a construction job site or in a manufacturing plant.

The parts you handle can vary. You might work on a car and rewind the brake and clutch coils, or on a motorcycle and rewind what is known as the stator.

Inside every part you work with is a coil of wires. These wires wrap around a metal core, and when started up, they produce electrical power that makes the motor go. When the electric wires come undone or wear out, you’re the one customers call to get their automobile, boat, or appliance running again.