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Electric Meter Installer



Install and make sure electricity gauges take accurate readings.

What does an Electric Meter Installer do?

An Electric Meter Installer repairs, maintains, and installs monitoring devices.

As an Electric Meter Installer, you use your background in electronics, machinery, and technology to complete a variety of tasks. However, you mainly work with Construction Foremen and Safety Inspectors, installing new electric meters and repairing older models.

Attention to detail and accuracy are essential for recording meter readings. Using a pen and paper, or calling on your experience with computers to operate a hand-held device, you record the correct information so customers are given the correct bills. When customers don’t pay their bill, you’re also responsible for turning the meter off to close service.

Using a variety of hand-held and power tools, you perform routine maintenance on electric meters, too. Lubricating mechanical parts, cleaning valves, and adjusting meter components are all in a day’s work. Mechanical skills are important, as you test valves and regulators for faults using specialized equipment.

With wire brushes, scrapers, buffers, and sandblasters, you clean electric meters as well. Buildup from plant growth, scale, paint, soil, and rust all impact the function of an electric meter, which is where you come in with the tools of your trade. When meters fail, it can be a safety hazard to the occupants in the home or business.

The ability to stand, climb, bend, and twist repeatedly is vital to this position, since electric meters are typically installed near the ground. Physical strength and stamina are also needed, as you carry electric meters to the installation location.

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