Electric-Gas Appliances Demonstrator

Demonstrate and explain operation and care of electric or gas appliances.

What does an Electric-Gas Appliances Demonstrator do?

Demonstrates and explains operation and care of electric or gas appliances to utility company customers to promote appliance sales, and advises customers on energy conservation methods: Visits community organizations and schools to demonstrate operating features and care of appliances, such as air-conditioners, driers, ranges, and washers. Explains how electricity or gas is produced and transmitted, reasons for electricity and gas rate increases, and methods of efficiently using appliances to conserve energy and reduce utility bills. Lectures to dealers, sales personnel, and employees of utility company on efficient use and care of appliances, as part of training program. Answers telephone and written requests from customers for information about appliance use. May advise customers on related homemaking problems, such as kitchen planning, home lighting, heating-fuel conservation, food preparation, and laundering with new fabrics. May write articles and pamphlets on appliance use. May represent utility company as guest on radio or television programs to discuss conservation of electrical or gas energy.