Electric Distribution Checker

Inspect and test electric distribution equipment and wiring.

What does an Electric Distribution Checker do?

Inspects and tests electric distribution equipment and wiring outside and within buildings to verify conformance of installation with construction and building code specifications, or to determine feasibility of increasing electrical load: Examines wires and auxiliary equipment, such as fuses, insulators, and switches to ascertain conformance to specifications on work orders, utilizing thorough knowledge of types, sizes, and styles of equipment. Compares layout and methods of installation to blueprints and sketches and marks differentiations on drawings. Climbs poles to compare printed data on transformers with work orders and to examine wires and auxiliary equipment on poles. Approves installations or records inaccuracies on work orders. Tests lines, transformers, and other distribution equipment, using such devices as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and thermocouple indicators to measure voltage drop between points in circuitry, locate cause of electrical disturbances, and determine actual electrical load on system. Tests for temperature and presence of explosive gases in vicinity of electrified equipment.