eLearning Developer

Oversee the creation of online classes and distance-learning programs.

What does an eLearning Developer do?

An eLearning Developer is a Project Manager in charge of organizing a group of online learning experts. You see, online learning is a team endeavor. While learning in a bricks-and-mortar classroom typically comes down to just the Teacher, online learning requires not only the Teacher but also a cadre of educational and technical experts. This team is charged with creating the lessons and building the technology for dispatching them.

As the eLearning Developer, you coordinate all the disparate pieces of your team’s eLearning program. That makes you an Educator and a computer geek at once, capable of creating educational content as well as the virtual environments in which to teach it.

Usually employed by a software company, you collaborate with Teachers in order to coordinate the production of eLearning platforms, modules, and courses that are delivered either online-via a learning content management system-or offline, via off-the-shelf computer software.

Typically, your job as an eLearning Developer begins with brainstorming sessions during which you decide what you’re going to teach and how you’re going to teach it-that is, what content will be presented and in what formats (like video, audio, text). From planning, development moves into production, at which point you supervise and contribute to software programming, coding, testing, and troubleshooting, all the while respecting industry standards that have been established for both content and technology.