eLearning Coordinator

Help teachers incorporate online learning tools into their classrooms.

What does an eLearning Coordinator do?

Students dutifully file into a classroom and listen to the Teacher ‘s lesson. They take notes and watch slides flick by on the screen. The next day, they listen to yet another lecture from the Professor, but this one takes place via the Internet. The students can watch the slides and listen to the commentary without even leaving the house.

Since most Teachers aren’t Computer Programmers, they may not know how to develop these online lessons on their own. That’s where an eLearning Coordinator comes in. As an eLearning Coordinator, you help create the online lessons.

Unlike a Distance Learning Coordinator, who develops classes that only exist in an online format, the job of an eLearning Coordinator is to meld classroom lectures with online lectures. Before you begin your work, you sit down with the Teacher and discuss the class in depth, looking for lessons that lend themselves well to the online format.

Then, you sit with a team of Computer Programmers to discuss the lesson and determine the best way to put it online. Sometimes, you record the Teacher’s lecture and add in graphics and interactive elements. Other times, you write down the lesson and let techno music fill up the background. When the lesson is complete, you show it to the Teacher for approval.

If a Teacher or student has a problem with an online lesson, you step in to help. Sometimes, you find a computer glitch that you can quickly fix. Other times, the person simply needs a little instruction on using a computer, and you provide those lessons.

Promoting the eLearning format is also part of your job. In meetings, journals, newspaper reports, and interviews, you discuss the lessons your department is developing.