Elder Law Attorney

Advise senior citizens on the legal issues that accompany aging.

What does an Elder Law Attorney do?

As people age, it’s not only their TV show preferences or late night activities that change. Their legal needs change too. That’s why Elder Law Attorneys exist. Your practice focuses on the legal needs of the elderly, and you do things like write wills, plan estates, handle taxes, and plan for healthcare costs.

To the elderly, healthcare and living situations are major issues that need to be dealt with urgently. As an Elder Law Attorney, you specialize in these issues and serve as a sort of expert on the different options available to your clients. You help them find assisted living homes or live-in Nurses, depending on their needs, and then plan ways to pay for these. Elder Law Attorneys also help aging adults make financial plans that will carry them through the rest of their years, keeping in mind things like taxes on houses they no longer live in, or the rising cost of healthcare.

When older adults can’t take care of themselves anymore, or become incapacitated, it’s doubly important that they have legal representation. So you work with your clients to find out what their wishes are should they have serious health issues, such as a stroke or coma, that leave them unable to speak for themselves. You draw up legal, binding documents that outline what they want done and who they want caring for them. These types of legal documents ensure your clients get good care all the way to the end of their lives, and aren’t taken advantage of by greedy family members or beneficiaries.