Explore the culture, language, and art of ancient Egypt.

What does an Egyptologist do?

Without the human race’s fascination with the past, Egyptologists wouldn’t exist. This exotic-sounding job focuses on the study of ancient Egypt. Together, Egyptologists piece together clues that illuminate the language and art of this rich culture.

If you’re an expert on ancient Egypt, that makes you an Egyptologist – whether you work as a Linguist, as an Archaeologist, or in a different field entirely. However, Egyptologists generally specialize in either language, or art and architecture. Whether you focus on how it sounded or how it looked, your goal is researching and unraveling the mysteries of this ancient culture.

While you may dream of scaling the pyramids, very few Egyptologists spend their time in Egypt. Most work for universities or museums as Teachers or researchers. Some visit Egypt briefly during short-term digs, and return to work afterward.

While it’s more of a desk job than an on-site excavation, working as an Egyptologist is by no means boring! By translating old texts or examining recently discovered artifacts, you immerse yourself in your passion. By leading museum tours and teaching college classes, you share that passion and knowledge with others.

Your job will certainly keep you busy and engaged. Linguists may spend weeks studying images of hieroglyphics, while Archaeologists may travel to nearby colleges as guest Lecturers on Egypt’s architectural styles. With Egyptology covering such a broad range of subjects, you have free rein to choose and study whatever area – be it ancient books or buildings – interests you most.