Egg Pasteurizer

Control and monitor equipment that pasteurize liquid egg products.

What does an Egg Pasteurizer do?

Controls and monitors equipment that pasteurizes liquid egg product: Connects pipes between holding tanks and processing equipment and assembles equipment parts, such as fittings and valves, using wrench. Turns control to set timer for pumping cycle, records starting time on processing record, and adjusts temperature controls to bring temperatures to specified level. Places container under discharge outlet to collect initial flow of water and liquid egg product through equipment. Turns valves to admit liquid egg product from holding tank into collection pot and to start pump that propels product and water through equipment. Turns bypass valve to direct flow into discharge containers until mix of water and egg product reaches desired density. Turns valve to shut off bypass and to direct liquid egg product to containerization room. Monitors product flow and adjusts controls to maintain temperature and pressure at specified levels. Turns bypass valve to shut off flow to containerization room when mixture thins. Drains remaining flow into discharge containers.