Egg Donor Coordinator

Match wannabe parents with egg donors.

What does an Egg Donor Coordinator do?

As an Egg Donor Coordinator, you serve as the link between an egg donor and the recipient. When a couple cannot conceive, an Egg Donor Coordinator helps them find a willing egg donor, and walks both parties through the donation and implantation process. In an anonymous donation, neither party meets the other, and it’s up to the Egg Donor Coordinator to find a perfect match. In other cases, the Coordinator arranges face-to-face meetings to help couples meet the right donor match.

During your shift at the office, you spend much of your time filling out information on potential donors, counseling donors and recipients on the process, and setting the dates for the donor’s medical procedures. Everything must be timed correctly to work.

Screening potential donors is vital to ensuring that the recipient has a healthy child. Many people will apply but only a handful will make the cut. It’s important that donors know what they’re signing up for, as the procedures are time consuming and may cause slight discomfort. By talking one-on-one with donors, you ensure they’re emotionally ready to undergo the donation process.

In between counseling others and collecting personal info, you check their medical history for any illnesses or mental problems. It’s up to you to see that every donor is telling the truth. The FDA sets strict guidelines that you must follow. Together with the patient’s Fertility Doctor and regular Physician, you help loving couples welcome a little one into their families.