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Effervescent Salts Compounder

Tend mixing machines, evaporating pans, grinding mills, and drying ovens.

What does an Effervescent Salts Compounder do?

Tends mixing machine, evaporating pans, grinding mills, and drying oven that process powdered ingredients into granulated effervescent salts for use in drug preparations: Dumps prescribed quantity of citric acid crystals into mill and starts machine to grind crystals. Starts mixer and adds ground crystals and specified amount of powdered ingredients to blend for designated time. Sets thermostat to regulate temperature of steam-jacketed evaporator pans, and dumps mixture into pans to heat for specified period and remove moisture. Inserts screen in mill and dumps contents of evaporator pans into machine to granulate to uniform size. Scoops granules into trays. Places trays in drying oven for predetermined time. Dumps or scoops dried granules into hopper or chute for transfer to storage or packaging area. May screen granules to remove particles smaller than specified size, using sieve.