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Educational Technologist



Bring new technology into the classroom and train teachers how to use it.

What does an Educational Technologist do?

As an Educational Technologist, you’re in charge of bringing technology into schools. You do this in a number of ways. For example, Educational Technologists might set up computers, buy e-textbooks for students, or add software to existing computers.

As an Educational Technologist, you might also train Teachers on new forms of technology, check up on the effectiveness of old technology, and find new ways to teach students the technology skills they need.

Technology changes pretty fast these days. And it’s not always possible for Teachers and School Administrators to keep up with the newest changes. This is where you come in. You keep up to date on the latest technology available, and decide what should go into schools and why.

To do this, you talk with Teachers and students to find out what they need in the classroom. You also look at the way current technology is being used, and decide where to go from there. For example, you might decide to buy wireless internet if you notice a lot of students are using laptops.

You work within budget to make sure there’s enough money to buy the new technology, and then convince those in management positions to (literally) buy into your idea. In other words, you’re the one who creates long-term technology goals for the school.

When you’ve acquired the new machines or software, you teach both Teachers and students how to use them. It’s also your responsibility to make sure they’re properly maintained. So it’s important that you have the maintenance know-how, but you might also manage workers who do it for you.

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