Educational Resource Coordinator

Write and design educational materials for museums.

What does an Educational Resource Coordinator do?

As an Educational Resource Coordinator, you set up and maintain collections of information for museums and other educational institutions. Museums keep documents and videos on their different featured collections, while a zoo might maintain records of the animals kept there along with informational brochures about different species.

You direct, or coordinate, the efforts of your team in collecting, organizing, tracking, and updating all the information relating to the establishment. It does little good if texts about ancient Egypt end up filed with slideshow images of Van Gogh’s most famous pieces.

In addition to educational materials, Educational Resource Coordinators oversee the collections that rotate throughout the museum or zoo. While a zoo may not change out its animals, it does display different exhibits focusing on everything from lions and tigers to naked mole rats and meerkats. You plan tours of the exhibits and help staff write speeches for special presentations.

Finally, as a Educational Resource Coordinator you keep track of materials – like brochures and lists of additional resources – to hand out to visitors when they leave. Your job sparks interest in your establishment, and is vital not only in educating the public and encouraging further exploration, but also in earning funding and continued support for your institution and its projects.