Educational Programming Director

Take charge of programs to promote educational uses of television programs.

What does an Educational Programming Director do?

Plans, develops, and administers programs to promote educational uses of television programs and auxiliary services of public broadcasting station: Reviews past and current educational and instructional programs produced by station and others to determine improvements needed in production and presentation of programs and auxiliary services, such as teaching guides and workshops. Analyzes data to determine prospective users, audiences, and potential funding sources. Confers with education officials and administrators to develop programs and services consistent with mandated curriculum requirements. Plans, initiates, and administers, through subordinates, preparation of written proposals and implementation of special educational projects, such as instructional programs for in-school and home-viewing courses. Confers with representatives of international educational and broadcasting agencies to ascertain availability of programs from foreign sources and to promote use of station’s programs and services by foreign stations and schools. Directs printing, publishing, and dissemination of educational and promotional materials, such as newsletters, lesson plans, and study guides. May prepare budget for contracting programs and services to educational institutions.