Education Reporter

Write about educational funding and teaching topics for your news outlet.

What does an Education Reporter do?

As an Education Reporter, you cover the education beat for print or broadcast media. This includes more than the daily activities at the local high school (although that may be in your realm, too). Most Education Reporters cover everything about learning, from state and national education funding topics, to developing trends in education, to global performance rates. While some media outlets have a dedicated Higher Education Reporter, most publications don’t, and higher education topics fall to the general Education Reporter as well.

Like all Reporters, you need to perform well under strict deadlines, and hold your own in contentious environments (school board meetings can become surprisingly heated). You also need to work well with the public as you’ll be conducting interviews of local, state, and federal officials, and must possess the confidence to step away from the crowd and get the answers to your tough questions.

All of this requires you to think on your feet, analyze situations to understand what questions must be asked, then be persistent until you get the answers. Never forget, your job is to inform. You have to get the information the public needs, even when people don’t want to give it to you.

You can work for a variety of news outlets, including television, radio, magazines, trade publications, or online publications. Most media outlets today have more than one source of information, which means you may have to write for both a television newscast and the station’s website. And don’t be shocked if you get handed an assignment about environmental toxins. Decreasing numbers in the newsroom also means you have to be flexible as you may be required to cover other topics in addition to education.