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Education Lobbyist



Encourage Lawmakers to promote and fund important educational projects.

What does an Education Lobbyist do?

A Lobbyist is a member of a lobby, which is a group of people that’s trying to influence elected officials to vote a particular way on a given political issue, such as healthcare reform, gun control, or environmental protection. When the issue is education, the person is called an Education Lobbyist.

As an Education Lobbyist, you’re typically employed by communications or lobbying firms, and you’re basically a Public Relations Representative. While most PR Reps target Reporters and Journalists, however, you target Legislators and Politicians. Your goal as an Education Lobbyist: Like a legislative Pied Piper, you persuade Policymakers to side with your clients – including trade groups, unions, universities, and corporations – on educational issues. These issues include Teacher training and compensation, school funding and improvement, curriculum development, academic standards, student loan programs, and standardized testing, just to name a few.

Your job requires thorough knowledge of education issues and legislation. It also requires strong written and verbal communication skills that will come in handy when you network with Politicians and stakeholders, write press releases, schedule and attend meetings between clients and Lawmakers, represent clients at press conferences, create and distribute informational literature, respond to regulatory inquiries, and testify at public hearings.

Although sometimes controversial, your job is critical to modern American democracy, which looks to you to be a bridge between Legislators and the people they represent.

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