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Editorial Photographer

Take pictures that make articles jump off the page.

What does an Editorial Photographer do?

As an Editorial Photographer you take pictures that support written stories or features. If there is a newspaper article on Earth day, the photo of the local parade alongside the text was taken by an Editorial Photographer; as was the photo of Models swathed in green crepe that accompanied a similar article in a fashion magazine.

As you might guess, the title Editorial Photographer refers to a broad grouping of Photographers who work in many different industries. You might work as a Fashion Photographer or as a Photojournalist, but what defines you is that your photo is meant to further a written message rather than sell a product or be viewed in isolation.

In this profession your jobs will turn over quickly so you go through many projects in a few days. In each case you must understand the story you are supporting, then add depth and clarity to its message by providing an accompanying visual image. Your photos should be beautiful in and of themselves, however if they are not relevant to the story at hand then they will be discarded regardless of their beauty.

In this field you have a lot of creative freedom which comes at the expense of a large salary. However editorial photography is a fairly well respected field, so if you build up your value and experience here are you can easily switch over to the more lucrative Commercial Photographer jobs.