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Editorial Assistant



Perform administrative tasks for an Editor.

What does an Editorial Assistant do?

Working as an Editorial Assistant is a great career choice for someone who has an eye for detail, can pick out every typo in the Sunday paper, and is willing to learn the ropes in order to move up the ranks. That’s because Editorial Assistants are the right (and sometimes the left) hand to the Editor.

Your particular duties as an Editorial Assistant depend on the company, your boss, and the requirements of the job. You might do anything from guaranteeing hot coffee in the morning to actually helping to edit printed material. This is an entry-level position, though, so your job is to watch and learn, ask questions when appropriate, and do what is asked of you.

Much of your work is secretarial in nature. You might answer phones, schedule appointments, make photocopies, sort mail, and perform other similar tasks. You might have the opportunity to get your hands on the work of Authors who are hoping to get published. This important task allows you to filter out subpar work and identify the next New York Times best seller!

Most Editorial Assistants are employed by book and magazine publishing houses, but you can also work for the local newspaper or score one of the myriad online jobs available. No matter where you work, though, you’ll learn how the business works, and you’ll have the chance to realign your goals. Do you want to work in publishing, move on to become a Literary Agent, or use your experience to promote products in a marketing or sales position? It’s all possible when you start out as an Editorial Assistant!

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