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Edging Machine Setter

Set up and adjust machines that grind and polish edges of glass.

What does an Edging Machine Setter do?

Sets up and adjusts machines that grind and polish edges of glass used in manufacture of mirrors: Turns handwheels to loosen spindle assemblies of horizontal edging machines and turns calibrated gauges and levers to move specified grinding, smoothing, and polishing wheels into processing position and to set spacing between opposed grinding, smoothing, and polishing wheels, according to thickness and width of mirrors. Turns valves to regulate air pressure that forces grinding, smoothing, and polishing wheels against processed surfaces of mirrors. Places trial glass on feed conveyor of machines and observes ammeters to determine load on abrasive wheels and examines ground edge to determine if alignment and cutting depth of wheels are in accordance with specifications. Loosens spindle assemblies and grinding, smoothing, and polishing wheel units, using handwheels and wrenches, and turns setscrews to adjust operating depths of individual wheels. Turns handwheels to adjust edge guides of conveyors to ensure equal grinding, smoothing, and polishing of mirror edges. May set up and adjust machine that automatically drills single holes in mirrors.