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Edger Machine Operator

Set up and operate machines to grind and polish edges and cut drip grooves.

What does an Edger Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates machine to grind and polish edges and cut drip grooves on underside of sandstone table and counter tops: Reads work instructions written on sandstone slab. Presses buttons and pulls levers on control panel to start diamond saw and specified combination of diamond grinding and polishing wheels. Turns valve to start water flow that cools grinding and polishing wheels and saw blades during operation. Pushes sandstone slab from roller conveyor onto belt conveyor that conveys stone through grinding, polishing, and sawing process. Examines slab to determine if grinding, polishing and sawing conforms to specifications. Reprocesses slabs not meeting specifications. Lubricates machine, using grease gun. Examines diamond grinding, and cutting tools for wear and notifies supervisor of replacement need.