Edge Stainer II

Stain edges of leather articles such as wallets and key cases.

What does an Edge Stainer II do?

Stains edges of leather articles, such as wallets and key cases, using either of following methods: Fills reservoir of spray gun or roller device with color of stain specified on work ticket. Presses button to activate blower that removes spray mist and fumes from spray booth. Positions bundle of leather articles on turntable and pulls lever to lower ram that holds and compresses bundle for staining. Manually rotates turntable and sprays stain on edges of bundled articles, using spray gun. Presses button and turns set screws to activate stain-saturated roller and to regulate amount of stain on roller. Holds and turns edges of leather articles against roller to stain edges. Places stained articles on worktable or revolving turntable to dry. May mix tinting liquids and stains to match color of leather articles. May be designated according to method of staining as Roller Stainer; Spray Stainer.