Eddy-Current Inspector

Inspect stainless steel tubes for conformance to customer specifications.

What does an Eddy-Current Inspector do?

Inspects stainless steel tubes for conformance to customer specifications, using eddy current testing equipment: Reads work order to determine tube tolerance specifications required by customer and type of electric inspection coil to use for tube inspecting. Positions and secures specified inspection coil in coil holder, and turns cranks to align rollers on which tubes pass through coil for inspection. Turns knobs to activate testing equipment. Observes pattern on CRT screen and turns knobs to calibrate equipment settings in accordance with customer specifications, using knowledge of equipment operation and experience. Selects sample tube with known defects and passes it through coil to test equipment settings. Listens for defect detection alarm, depresses button to stop rollers, and observes patterns on CRT screen to ensure that equipment signals and reflects known defects in sample tube. Positions tubes to be inspected on rollers, marks locations of detected defects on rejected tubes with marker, and places defective tubes aside. Periodically cycles sample tube through coil to verify standard operation of equipment. Records information, such as control settings and number of tubes tested, on inspection and production reports. Cuts through defective sections of tubing or rubs nicks on tubing to expose internal or remove surface defects, using abrasive saw and paper.