Economics Teacher

Teach high school students the basics of economics.

What does an Economics Teacher do?

Economics is the study of how goods and services are made, distributed, and used in certain locations. If you’re an Economics Teacher, you teach high school students everything there is to know about economics. Plus, you try to make the topic interesting and relevant!

As an Economics Teacher, your work begins with creating a lesson plan. Your job is to teach your students the basics and to inspire them to continue their studies in economics. You lecture about the topic, choose books for the students to read, give pop quizzes, and grade each student at the end of the course. As an Economics Teacher, you also make yourself available to students who need extra help.

You may find the enthusiasm and excitement of your students to be infectious. Teaching your students to love a topic that you love yourself is incredibly rewarding, but this reward comes as a result of much hard work. You may spend many evenings grading papers rather than watching television. But you may enjoy that aspect of the job, especially if you’ve seen all the programs before.