Economic Research Assistant

Provide administrative support for economic research projects.

What does an Economic Research Assistant do?

Economic Research Assistants help Economists interpret the economy by studying it. Employed by Economics Professors at universities, but also by government agencies, private research organizations, think tanks, and lobbying firms, you manage the administrative functions of economic research projects. Your duties as an Economic Research Assistant therefore include performing background research on economic issues and topics, such as supply and demand, inflation, wealth distribution, employment, and trade.

Next, you collect, record, and analyze economic data, culled from interviews, surveys, and public records. In addition, you write, proofread, and edit economic reports, abstracts, and briefs for publication. And to round off your list of responsibilities, you coordinate meetings, events, publicity, and promotions in support of planned or completed research projects.

Because economics is extremely mathematical, perhaps your most important duty is making—and double-checking—economic formulas, equations, and calculations in order to ensure the accuracy and integrity of research.

Although you’re very often a student who’s pursuing a Ph.D. in economics, you also might be an entry-level Economist, working your way into a position where you can one day design and execute your own research projects. For now, though, you’re an economics worker bee, doing data “labor” for your supervising Economist, who’ll use your work to comment about current economic trends or forecast future ones.