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eCommerce Consultant



Guide clients through the process of taking their business online.

What does an eCommerce Consultant do?

eCommerce Consultants are experts in all manner of online business. As computers expand and permeate all elements of our lives, the frequency and volume of online transactions have only gone up., a huge internet e-commerce retailer, posts billions of dollars in net sales each year. Though there are myriad reasons why they do so much business, having a well-trained core of eCommerce Consultants staffing their various departments is definitely part of it.

As an eCommerce Consultant, you’re responsible for analyzing a business, and designing an e-commerce plan to market it, track progress towards goals, and adjust the plan as conditions change. eCommerce Consultants are frequently experts in search engine optimization, blogging, search engine markets, social media marketing, branding, and product promotion. You often work with Product Ambassadors and/or Brand Ambassadors to get the word out about whatever you’re promoting.

Working as an eCommerce Consultant, you have a lot of flexibility: You could be an electronic mercenary, drifting in out of nowhere to help a young startup make its mark in an emerging market, then disappearing back out into the ether. Alternatively, you could work in-house at an established firm, helping it keep its e-commerce efforts ahead of the curve with your sense of trends and connections to Bloggers and big name players in social media outlets.

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