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Earth Driller



Bore massive underground paths through rock and soil.

What does an Earth Driller do?

If you like the power of heavy equipment, working in Mother Nature’s playground, and getting your hands dirty, then this is the job for you. As an Earth Driller, you get to play with big equipment to challenge the density of the Earth’s core. Using massive drill bits, you bore through the soft ground and seemingly indestructible rock, soil, and mineral components that make up the ground beneath our feet.

Your goal as Earth Driller is to access the gems hidden below the surface, such as oil, water, natural gas, or minerals. But accessing those reserves involves more than a shovel and bucket. So you spend your days operating massive pieces of equipment to do the job. Earth Drillers transfer the equipment from one location to another, set it up, and start drilling.

Once you get started, you’re responsible for maintaining the equipment and ensuring that the process goes smoothly. That means you pay attention to how the drill is behaving, how deep the drill bit is boring, and how stable the machine is.

You could choose from a variety of industries, depending on your interest. For example, you could dig holes for utility companies, or access deep wells of petroleum reserves. You might work with Scientists to gather samples for research, or mine for gold and other precious gems.

In addition to the brute equipment handling, you also monitor the business side of the operation. You make sure the proper permits are filed, keep records of your findings, and estimate costs for jobs.

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