Dynamite Packing Machine Operator

Set up and operate machines to pack dynamites into paper cartridge shells.

What does a Dynamite Packing Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates machine to pack dynamite into paper cartridge shells to form sticks: Installs and adjusts tamping sticks and nipple plates in packing machine according to diameter and length of cartridges to be packed, using nonsparking handtools. Starts machine, directs DYNAMITE-PACKING-MACHINE FEEDER to fill powder hopper with dynamite, and fills shuttle board with paper cartridge shells. Secures shuttle board in filling position on machine, and scoops dynamite from hopper into box above tamping sticks. Lifts shuttle board of filled cartridges from machine and tends crimping press to finish ends, or passes filled cartridges to DYNAMITE-CARTRIDGE CRIMPER.