Dye Tub Operator

Tend machines that dye and finish knitted garments.

What does a Dye Tub Operator do?

Tends machines that dye and finish knitted garments, such as hosiery and sweaters: Turns valves to admit water and steam into machine to specified level. Pours dye, cleaning agents, or finishing chemicals into machine. Turns thermostat and timing device to set temperature and dyeing time, according to formula. Places garments in compartments of machine and starts machine. Periodically examines garments from each dye or finish lot to detect variations from processing standards. Adds dye, reducing agent, or finishing chemicals, according to instructions, if standard is not matched. Drains solution from machine at end of dyeing or finishing cycle. Removes dyed or finished garments to handtruck and labels each lot. May tend extractor [EXTRACTOR OPERATOR 581.685-038]. May weigh or measure cleaning agents and chemicals. May be designated according to type of machine used as Paddle-Dyeing-Machine Operator; Rotary-Drum Dyer.